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4th June

As a Jewish wedding planner of 17 years, people always ask me, "What is the most unforgettable event that you have planned?" Let me tell you about my first wedding as a professional planner. It all started out very smoothly; I lined everyone up to go down the aisle and the ceremony went off without a hitch. Immediately following, the sister of the groom became ill. She was, of course, the mistress of ceremonies for the evening. After sitting with her on the bathroom floor, I realized that she was not going to recover any time soon, so I immediately changed the plan. I re-worked the schedule and asked the brother of the groom to take over as emcee. With the first crisis resolved, I thought we were in the clear. You won’t believe what happened next…

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The bride had made all of her own centrepieces and had arranged for the caterer to place them on the tables. As I went to check all of the details in the reception hall, I realized that none of the centrepieces were arranged. I immediately got to work and single handedly put that room in order in less than 30 minutes.… Read the rest