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I Love the Wedding Planner

5th March

Just watched one of my favourite movies of all time, “The Wedding Planner.” It’s funny because clients always ask me is my job really like Jennifer Lopez’s (Mary) in the movie. Recently, I had an experience with a client that really made me feel like it was. Does anyone remember the scene in the movie where Mary reassures Fran that Steve is her true love and that she needs to go ahead with the wedding? I had a bar mitzvah client, who called me the night before her son’s bar mitzvah and she began to panic and starting second guessing all of the decisions that she had made and started to ask so many what if questions, what if the guests leave to early? what if my make up appointment runs to late? I sat her down and very calmly … Read More »

Angus Glen Booking

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1st December

Meeting a new client tomorrow, wedding at Angus Glen Golf Club in May 2013.

An Amazing Product

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17th May

For all brides-to-be or for anyone who wants to show off their perfectly polished nails for a third of the cost of going to the spa; I found an amazing product that I absolutely love. It is called Sally Hansen French Manicure white tip pen. It looks like I went to the spa, but actually I did it at home in under 15 minutes. Try it you will love it!

From the Blog!

Busy times, booking events for 2015, 2016 and 2018. Not to mention, I have had the honor of planning so many romantic and unique Jewish Weddings, Bar & Bat Mitzvah's and Events. I have captured lot's of these on my blog as well as sharing some valuable advice that may reduce some of your costs and add that wow factor to your memorable day.

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