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Top Two Questions that I Always get Asked

Top Two Questions that I Always get Asked

I thought it would be fun to blog about the top two questions I am always asked as an event planner.


The number one question clients always ask is how can I stop my guests from leaving early?

In answer to that question you can’t.  I find the Guests majority of the time leave the party by 11 to 11:30 p.m. It doesn’t matter if it’s a Saturday night or a holiday the next day. After being at a party for an average of 5 hours people want to leave.  I always thought before I was a planner that it’s a sign if everyone leaves it may not have been a great party.  THAT COULDN’T BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH.  In actuality, it really has nothing to do with the party, it’s just that your guests simply have had enough and it’s time to go.  Please do not take it as a reflection of how successful your party is or was.  Enjoy the moment and savour the time as your simcha will go by in a flash.  Thank g-d for photographers and videographers as they can capture all of those missed moments and memories that you will be able to relive after it’s all said and done.


Another question clients always ask is, can you explain dress codes on invitations?

It’s funny, when I first started planning over 20 years ago, dress codes were very simplistic.  It was either black tie, cocktail and or elegant attire.  Now we have club chic, denim and diamonds, just shy of black tie, party chic, dress for a party, cocktail cool, party casual, elegant attire, dress 4 fun, black tie optional, jeans and jewels and dress to impress are just to name a few.  So, I can see how guests are confused, no one knows what to wear anymore.  So, to help clarify the ever confusing question of what do I wear?  If it states black tie, then men should be wearing a tuxedo or a black suit and women can wear a gown or a cocktail dress.  Elegant attire, for men means wear a suit and tie or a suit without a tie, for women a cocktail dress is perfect.  For all of these variations of club chic, party chic etc…  this indicates that the person throwing the party wants you to be more casual but still hip and cool.  So, for men dress pants and a dress shirt would suffice or dress pants and a jacket for the women a more casual dress or black pants and a glitzy top is perfect.  Denims and Diamonds and Jeans and Jewels is the probably the easiest to understand, this means let’s be very casual and wear jeans.  Most importantly, your host sets the tone for the party so if you are ever confused just ask, it never hurts to clarify.

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Top Two Questions that I Always get Asked
I thought it would be fun to blog about the top two questions I am always asked as an event planner.


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