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Top Two Questions that I Always get Asked

20th September

I thought it would be fun to blog about the top two questions I am always asked as an event planner.


The number one question clients always ask is how can I stop my guests from leaving early?

In answer to that question you can’t.  I find the Guests majority of the time leave the party by 11 to 11:30 p.m. It doesn’t matter if it’s a Saturday night or a holiday the next day. After being at a party for an average of 5 hours people want to leave.  I always thought before I was a planner that it’s a sign if everyone leaves it may not have been a great party.  THAT COULDN’T BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH.  In actuality, it really has nothing to do with the party, it’s just that your guests simply have had enough and it’s … Read More »


24th October

When life’s roller coaster throws you for a loop: KEEP CALM and PLAN ON

I started planning my daughter’s Bat Mitzvah a little over two years ago.  After all, planning is what I do and expectations were high.   I chose a venue, lined up my vendors, my daughter started her Mitzvah project;  we were all looking forward to celebrating her Bat Mitzvah on labour day weekend.

Very late one July evening I received an email from the owner of the venue that I had booked over two years ago, saying they had a devastating fire.  We could no longer have our Bat Mitzvah at our planned location.  I was six weeks away from the Bat Mitzvah and I had over 200 guests invited, what was I going to do?  Not only did I lose my venue but I also lost my deposit.  … Read More »

An Exceptional Cinematographer

10th November

Geoffrey + Ashley from Hidden Light Films on Vimeo.

My brother and Ashley’s wedding video, Ezra Krybus you are brilliant, an exceptional cinematographer!

A Lovely Recent Thank You Note!

9th November

This is a letter I received this morning from my client after working their daughter’s Bat Mitzvah last night, what a great way to start the day feeling thankful 🙂


We wanted to say thank you for helping us make yesterday so special for Mia and our family.

Your guidance, advice and cool demeanor was invaluable in getting us to the Bat Mitzvah day and through the evening. We have already recommended you to one friend and will absolutely do so to anyone who else we know.

We will definitely be calling you for Noa’s Bat Mitzvah. Luckily, we have four years to try to figure out a way to top or at least match the special night we had yesterday.

Thank you for everything it was really a pleasure working with you.

All the best,

Jon and Shlomit

Tamara’s Tip and Tricks – A Quick Way to Cut Costs

9th November

As promised, “Tamara’s Tips and Tricks to planning a successful event.” Over the years the most commonly asked question that I have heard is how can I save money when planning my event? I tell my clients that if they want to save money a great tip is to skip the cocktail hour and go right into the reception. This will definitely save at least a few thousand dollars and often there is no reason that you can’t go right into a room if set up allows. The celebration can begin right away and your guests won’t even notice the difference:)

Tamara’s Tip and Tricks – Guest Lists

9th November

For my next installment of “Tamara’s Tip and Tricks for planning a successful event let’s talk about guest lists. My clients always ask me how to organize their guest lists. I always tell my clients to make sure to alphabetize their guests lists by last name not first name. Once you have an organized and alphabetized guest list it will make a world of difference for your planner especially on the day of the event. First of all, the place cards should also be organized alphabetically by last name and a planner is then able to use your master guest list to cross reference to make sure everything is in the correct order. The client also provides me with a guest list in alphabetical order with table number. This way if a guest wants to know where they are seated … Read More »

“Camp Mia’s” Bat Mitzvah

30th July

Thanks to the Park Hyatt and their exceptional staff along with JGlow from the Magen Boys, Ikonica, Berries and Blooms, Double Chocolate, Little Miss Henna and Evan Tristan for helping to make “Camp Mia’s” Bat Mitzvah a huge success.

Ikonica Photographer, Mia’s Bat Mitzvah, The Park Hyatt Toronto

[Show slideshow]

Read More »


28th February

I have been pondering for weeks about a topic for my next blog, a topic that would be relevant and helpful to all that are planning an event.  Today however, it came to me.   This blog may not be directly related to planning an event but more about how one reacts and how our reactions affect others.  I woke up this morning to find a leak in my son’s bedroom.  His carpet was soaking wet and I, like any other mother, began to panic.  The worst thoughts began to cloud my mind, what if there is mould now in his room.  We will now have to pull up the carpet, knock down the walls, and the whole house will have to be renovated.  After watching too many of those love it or list it shows, I pictured myself in a … Read More »

Thinking Outside the Box

17th July

Dear Tamara,

We wanted to thank you for taking the time to help us plan Hayden’s Bar Mitzvah. Both Steve and I valued your expertise, your patience, and your original ideas. You were an excellent listener and understood our vision for our Simcha. You also encouraged us and helped us to think “outside of the box”. You respected our budget and connected us to vendors who also respected our budget and who were a pleasure to work with.  I highly recommend your  Jewish party planning services as you are a true professional.  Thank you so much for helping make Hayden’s day so special and memorable!

Steven and Glenda


As I just received this beautiful letter from a client this morning it made me realize how important it is to think “outside of the box” not just for planning but for everything you do … Read More »


4th June

As a Jewish wedding planner of 17 years, people always ask me, “What is the most unforgettable event that you have planned?” Let me tell you about my first wedding as a professional planner. It all started out very smoothly; I lined everyone up to go down the aisle and the ceremony went off without a hitch. Immediately following, the sister of the groom became ill. She was, of course, the mistress of ceremonies for the evening. After sitting with her on the bathroom floor, I realized that she was not going to recover any time soon, so I immediately changed the plan. I re-worked the schedule and asked the brother of the groom to take over as emcee. With the first crisis resolved, I thought we were in the clear. You won’t believe what happened next…

Continue Here, if coming … Read More »

Buying Shoes

24th May

Another wedding tip for all those brides out there. Remember when buying your shoes for your special day please think comfort over style. I am a shoe lover myself so I appreciate beautiful shoes. However, if you are uncomfortable than it will definitely impact your whole day. I would suggest that you either get one pair of shoes that is really comfortable that you can wear the whole day or get 2 pairs of shoes, one for the pictures and ceremony and one for the reception. Just remember to bring both pair of shoes to your dress fitting so that your dress will not be way to long after you take off your high heels.

Crawford Boys Planning Guide

18th May

Check out Crawford Boys Party Planning Guide, they asked for my expertise on event planning. This is a comprehensive guide for anyone that is planning a special event.

Michelle and Ryan’s Wedding

6th May

Michelle and Ryan’s Wedding yesterday at Angus Glen Golf Club, it was truly a magical day and what an amazing couple. It was a pleasure to work with Michelle and Ryan, and yes they are as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside.

Girls Gone Glam

6th May

I am honoured to be participating in the Girls Gone Glam, women’s only fundraising event by the Yasmin chapter of CHW, event will be held on May 9th at the Kehila Centre. I am excited to be donating these kleenex packs for the goodie bags that will be distributed to the guests.

Making Your Vision Reality

4th April

With wedding season just around the corner I thought I would talk about the Top 10 Questions that are asked by my brides and grooms. For the majority of my clients this is the first large scale party that they have ever planned so they are faced with so many questions and I want to be there for them to answer all of their questions and concerns.


Q.  What time does the planner come and what time do you leave?

A.  I usually start my day a half an hour before the photos begin so that I can help prepare the bride for her pictures. I am also there to distribute the flowers to the bridesmaids and pin on all of the boutonnieres on the groomsmen. I usually help the bride get into her wedding gown as well. I leave when … Read More »

Say Yes To The Dress

28th March

So do you love “Say Yes To The Dress” as much as I do, guess who is opening a shop in Toronto, Kleinfeld Bridal is scheduled to open downtown Toronto next year at the Bay on Queen. I can’t wait to visit the new store. What do you think?

Advice on planning your Bar or Bat Mizvah in Toronto

21st March

Over the past few years I have spent a lot of time meeting with parents who are about to embark on a very special journey of planning their son’s or daughter’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah. A Bar or Bat Mitzvah is an important milestone as well as a significant tradition in the Jewish religion. From the feedback that I have received from my Toronto clients the most stressful part of the planning process is the financial commitment that parents have to invest for this one day. My best advice that I can give anyone who is starting this planning process is to talk to their children first, sit down and have a quiet conversation with that child alone.  Ask them what they want to do, get them involved in the process and ask them whether they want a dance party or a … Read More »

I Love the Wedding Planner

5th March

Just watched one of my favourite movies of all time, “The Wedding Planner.” It’s funny because clients always ask me is my job really like Jennifer Lopez’s (Mary) in the movie. Recently, I had an experience with a client that really made me feel like it was. Does anyone remember the scene in the movie where Mary reassures Fran that Steve is her true love and that she needs to go ahead with the wedding? I had a bar mitzvah client, who called me the night before her son’s bar mitzvah and she began to panic and starting second guessing all of the decisions that she had made and started to ask so many what if questions, what if the guests leave to early? what if my make up appointment runs to late? I sat her down and very calmly … Read More »

Like Me on Facebook

25th January

Please connect with me on Facebook. New and exciting things are happening all the time? Are you ready for  your next Simcha or party?

Kline Bar Mitzvah Part II

20th January

Wow! What an amazing party, thanks to The Thompson Hotel, Justin and the Magen Boys, DMS, Eclipse, Mysterion, Decor and More, Joel Nadel and Tiny Tim Donuts for helping to make Jack’s Bar Mitzvah a huge success.

Some highlights from last night’s Bar Mitzvah; Mysterion entertained the kids downstairs with a live mentalist/hypnotist show, while the adults enjoyed the stunning views of Toronto’s skyline from the Rooftop at The Thompson Hotel. Do you remember as a child how much you loved to pop bubble wrap, can you imagine a dance floor that is filled with bubble wrap and the kids stomping all over it? We did it last night, so much fun! Not to mention the tribute video where the Bar Mitzvah boy Jack pre-recorded and sang “Man in the Mirror” while the guests enjoyed his life in pictures.

Finally, the night … Read More »

Kline Bar Mitzvah

15th January

Busy preparing for Jack’s bar mitzvah on Saturday night at the Thompson Hotel, it is going to be a spectacular event! Mazel Tov to Jack and the whole Kline Family!

Angus Glen Booking

1st December

Meeting a new client tomorrow, wedding at Angus Glen Golf Club in May 2013.

My Son’s Bar Mitzvah

20th November

My son’s bar mitzvah luncheon, I loved everything about it!! His theme was trees, as his mitzvah project was donating trees to Camp Ramah in Canada. We used apples and branches as the decor and we did a flower placing ceremony in lieu of a candlelighting. We asked guests of honour to rise and place a flower on the branches of the centrepieces. At the end Maxwell asked a representative from each table to place a flower, it was so beautiful and inclusive so that everyone felt special.

An Amazing Product

17th May

For all brides-to-be or for anyone who wants to show off their perfectly polished nails for a third of the cost of going to the spa; I found an amazing product that I absolutely love. It is called Sally Hansen French Manicure white tip pen. It looks like I went to the spa, but actually I did it at home in under 15 minutes. Try it you will love it!

From the Blog!

Busy times, booking events for 2015, 2016 and 2018. Not to mention, I have had the honor of planning so many romantic and unique Jewish Weddings, Bar & Bat Mitzvah's and Events. I have captured lot's of these on my blog as well as sharing some valuable advice that may reduce some of your costs and add that wow factor to your memorable day.

Top Two Questions that I Always get Asked
I thought it would be fun to blog about the top two questions I am always asked as an event planner.


The number one question...
When life’s roller coaster throws you for a loop: KEEP CALM and PLAN ON

I started planning my daughter’s Bat Mitzvah a little over two...

An Exceptional Cinematographer

Geoffrey + Ashley from Hidden Light Films on Vimeo.

My brother and Ashley’s wedding video, Ezra Krybus you are brilliant, an exceptional cinematographer!